The living room is a place of one's house where they spend some hours of joy and relaxation with their family. More importantly, it is a room that belongs to no individual but the entire family. Whether your kids want to play or you wish to binge-watch your favorite show, your go-to place will be your living room.

Being such an important place, don't you think it should have a perfect look? You all must have had the place designed beautifully. But, is it enough to have good furniture and walls?

The obvious answer to this is a NO!

Lighting in any room is a game-changer. If the perfect lights do not get installed, interiors will never be able to beautify your living room alone. More than just decorating your living room, lighting is also essential to keep the joyous mood of the room alive. The correct choice will help you accentuate the beauty of interiors and colors, altogether contributing to making the place more enlivened than ever. 

Lighting Is No More Just A Source Of Light

Lighting is a part of decor that gets overlooked the most and, the emphasis is often laid on having them as a necessity to provide light. But now, it means much more than being a source of light. Along with enlightening a place, it has become a style statement for your houses. With the numerous modern lighting solutions available in the market, lighting has become an integral part of home decor.  

Lights have now made their valuable place in the decor. But, with numerous options available, it becomes quite confusing to find the right ones for your living room. So, stop struggling to find the best, as Brillcool is here with some astonishing ideas to light up your living room in the best way possible. 

Unearth The Best Living Room Lighting Ideas

You may easily find several options in different designs and sizes, but it is crucial to understand that not every piece is for you. Lighting must suit your living room as too big or too small lighting elements can ruin the entire look of your room. To find the correct ones for you, continue reading and unearth some of the best ideas by Brillcool to brighten up your living room. 

1. Set Up the Ambience

One of the first and most crucial aspects of lighting up a living room is to create the required mood or atmosphere of the place. The place gets used from the start of the day to its end. Therefore the lighting should be such that it suits the mood anytime. To keep your room alive during the day, you can choose from ceiling lights. In the evenings, you can use a soft lamp to create a soothing environment along with adequate lighting. 

2. Layering is In

It may sound surprising, but layering can make your living space look more stylish than ever. For spacious places, you can get as many types of lights installed as you wish. But, for a smaller living room, we would suggest not going with more than three kinds of lighting options. 

Layering will ensure that you have enough lighting at every level of your room and will also help you to get rid of the tedious look of just one type of lighting. You can start layering from the topmost level and get ceiling lights or chandeliers. After this comes the level just below it that is exactly above your eyes. For this level, you can opt for wall sconces. Now comes the next level for which you can have table lamps.

3. Oversized Look is in Trend 

For a spacious room, you can have oversized lighting pieces. It will not only accentuate the overall look but will also be enough of a source of lighting alone. 

You can go with an oversized pendant light or a chandelier. Both will give your room a regal, luxurious, and stylish look.  

4. Do Not Forget the Dark Corners 

People often neglect the room corners when it comes to lighting. But, you might be aware that it is crucial to emphasize is the edges to beautify a place. 

If you have an armchair, you can place it in a corner with a floor lamp. It will also provide you with a space to read calmly. Also, when you are not reading, the floor lamp will highlight a beautiful reading space in your living room.

5. Choose a Centerpiece

You might have thought to beautify the center of your living room but must have failed in finding the perfect option. Brillcool is here to give you an astounding idea to make the
center of your place an attraction for everyone. You can do so by choosing a showstopper for the center and installing the other pieces following it.

We would suggest not to overcrowd your place and choose a designer centerpiece with other small lights.

6. Add Sconces To Make a Statement

Whether you call them sconces or wall lights, the sculptural sources of light are one of the most stylish pieces for lighting a living room. It will accentuate the look of the place, and the different designs of sconces will make itself look like an art piece. 

The sconces are an elegant option for brightening up your staircase along with decorating it.

All these lighting ideas will help you to make your living room the most aesthetic place of your house. But, one thing to remember while implying all the above-suggested ideas is to keep the room illuminated and not dim (except at night). Keeping the illumination faint during the day will not only make your room look dull but can also affect your eye health.

The time had long gone when the design and shapes of lights got undervalued. Nowadays, modern lights have become an integral part of home decor.

To brighten up your living space with the most contemporary options available, do check out the lighting choices by Brillcool.