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  1. Nicholas Pendant Lamp - Silver - Small

    Special Price $566.99 was $1,246.99
  2. Luna Pendant Lamp - 1 Big & 5 Small Clear Glass Shades

    Special Price $915.99 was $2,014.99
  3. Rune Pendant Lamp - Large

    Special Price $1,605.99 was $3,533.99
  4. Grey Chandelier - Golden + Smoky Glass

    Special Price $2,722.99 was $5,989.99
  5. Frank Short Pendant Lamp - Chrome

    Special Price $244.99 was $538.99
  6. Emilia Pine Cone Pendant Lamp - Large

    Special Price $1,496.99 was $3,293.99
  7. Elijah Pendant Lamp - 3 Globes - Smoky Grey

    Special Price $902.99 was $1,986.99
  8. Elijah Pendant Lamp - 12 Globes - Smoky Grey

    Special Price $3,526.99 was $7,758.99
  9. Brooks Medium Pendant Lamp - 5 Shades - White

    Special Price $3,387.99 was $7,453.99
    Out of stock
  10. Bubble Ball Criss Cross Pendant Lamp - Reproduction - Large

    Special Price $1,447.99 was $3,184.99

54 Products found

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They have been the crown of the proud monarchs of the past! They have bolstered their enigmatically empathizing presence for ages and will continue to do so. Paying respect to those heritage arcs, we have stored some of those antiques to bring them to your kingly owned state. Such is the ambiance of these Chandeliers that they never fade away.


Elaborating glamour and glitz along with prestigious status and class, the chandeliers are termed as the bank of wealth and fine taste. From the traditional crystal chandeliers to their whimsical lighting presence in today’s dining rooms, the high profile crystal chandeliers dramatize the entire room space in volumes. They dwell in the intricacies of addressing a welcoming ambiance.



We at BrillCool have plenty in numbers to make a good choice for your living space to be filled. If you are looking to buy Modern chandeliers online, we have some of the best classic collections to welcome you aboard.


  • Beaded Chandelier
  • Rectangular Chandelier lights
  • Bowl or Pendant Chandelier lights
  • Cluster Chandelier
  • Sputnik Chandelier
  • Caged Chandelier
  • Globe Chandelier
  • Movimento Rectangular Chandelier
  • Brass Chandelier.


Chandeliers lights are a perfect fit for various rooms such as:

  • chandelier for bathroom
  • chandelier for bedroom
  • chandelier for dining room
  • chandelier for living room
  • chandelier for small living room


From the caged to the globe to the beaded, we bring you the widest range of chandeliers - carved out of the expertise of some of the rare manufacturers. It’s said that once it so happened that an architect had to symbolize love and so he made chandeliers. We believe that the love of that architect was true towards mankind and so we have made them all adorn our stage with their presence. We believe that one fine day you would come over in pursuit of such a beauty that is not in constraints or restrictions and flows free for all spreading immense light, love, and emotion. The bottom line is that we are the best destination to buy Modern chandeliers online.