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  1. Rosalee Side Table - White

    Special Price $308.99 was $680.99
  2. Romina - Copper Coffee Table with Mirror Top - Big

    Special Price $1,026.99 was $2,259.99
  3. Reign Loveseat 2-Seater Sofa - Cashmere Wool - Light Grey

    Special Price $4,848.99 was $10,666.99
  4. Ralph Side Table - Reproduction - Gun Black

    Special Price $863.99 was $1,899.99
  5. Ralph Side Table - Reproduction - Mirror Polished

    Special Price $863.99 was $1,899.99
  6. Ralph Coffee Table - Reproduction - Gun Black

    Special Price $2,051.99 was $4,513.99
  7. Penelope Wood & Marble Coffee Table - American Walnut

    Special Price $3,959.99 was $8,711.99
  8. Owen Walnut Round Side Table

    Special Price $492.99 was $1,083.99
  9. Owen Black Round Side Table

    Special Price $432.99 was $952.99
  10. Tulip Side Table - Marble Top - Reproduction - White

    Special Price $927.99 was $2,041.99
  11. Tulip Side Table - Fiberglass Top - Reproduction - White

    Special Price $704.99 was $1,551.99

274 Products found

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Designer Living Room Furniture

A typically western cultural representation is given by the presence of a magnificent living room furniture set. This blend of essence of ethnicity with every nuance of the modern day architecture is relishing. A classically vibrant reconciliation of the set of modern living room furniture includes sofa, chairs, coffee tables, book shelves, electric lamps, rugs, etc.

Well, all this is now available in one place - Brillcool - The online living room furniture store.

Yes, you finally got a one-stop solution to address your living room most ecstatically. Reach us for cherishing the best you can get amidst the pandemic! We have covered the top for the year 2020 and many more years to come!

  • Accent Chairs: Fabric and Leather.
  • Loveseats: Fabric and Leather.
  • Chairs-and-a-half.
  • Recliners: Fabric and Leather.
  • Sectionals: Fabric and Leather.
  • Sleeper Sofas: Fabric and Leather.
  • Sofas: Fabric and Leather.
  • Swivels & Gliders: Fabric and Leather.
  • Wooden living room furniture

This word “living room” came into existence from the Victorian period, termed to those related to the kingly and the princely seatings. A space where the general social activities are performed. But yes there is a great difference in performing your social activities in public and your social activities in private, and we understand the difference, to serve you the best for the latter part.

After all, It’s just your privacy concern, your comfort of living, your own space for pondering, relaxing, self-realizations, and whatnot(a space that you own). Yes, your modern living room furniture set could definitely be compared with a lounge in particular. But it's all about the seating arrangement, the design, and the fabrics since it's your own private space and you have to make it the best for your dwellings. A mesmerizing modern living room furniture set is important as it addresses the entire public gatherings at one single place. The obsession for magnificence and the grandeur of divine royalty has to be present.

This is that one room where all the meetings with the guests and the loved one are summoned time and on. You have to find an elite touch for these gestures and we got all that here to find the best combination for your seating! We at Brillcool provide you with the widest range of online living room furniture sets...

  • A perfect blend of old and new!
  • An ecstasy of fumbling of the colors all shining in one single place!
  • An illustrative Art in our furniture to make your living room speak!
  • A focal point where you could gather for major discussions!
  • Arranged tables, storage cabinets, and ottoman!
  • The fabulous fabric!
  • The perfect layout!

And... you got that inspiration anywhere and everywhere, to appeal and delight your visitors with the best you have in your living room.